Centralized Intelligence Dashboard

CID is an agile multi-functional data discovery and visualization software that allows you to create multiple real-time dashboards quickly and easily, collect, visualise and share important information within your company, alert users to problems, and make the next action obvious

Key Features

CID can easily integrate enterprise-wide data sources that reflect a well-understood structure of the business. CID provides single and unified centralized monitoring and management that offers micro and macro level visibility and analyses via simple data presentation, click-to-filter options, granular views, appropriate time windows, prominent but balanced alerts, and drill down capabilities, in addition to a rich set of capabilities that allows user to:

  • Track important information in real-time from one place
  • Bring together all marketing channels, web analytics, finances, sales and social media
  • Make analyses and reports with data from multiple sources
  • View the most important KPIs
  • Customize your own dashboard components by linking your dashboard to a database API