Declarative IoT and Services Orchestrator

DISO is a declarative IoT and services orchestrator that provides users the ability to orchestrate process between devices generically using user-written rules

Key Features

DISO was developed in answer to customer feedback, an understanding of industry trends, and the desire to meet our customer’s business needs. Considering that the future of IOT will require users to be able to create and orchestrate their workflows in a very simple way using declarative rules, DISO opens up a breadth of use-cases tailored for IoT integration, event-driven automation, and rule-based orchestration. DISO uses declarative orchestration led by users, in contrast to imperative orchestration which requires developers to write the scripts for any service in the network. This capability takes configuration management from a process that deals with individual network components in isolation, into a process that addresses the network as a whole using a single logical programmable entity featuring multi-tenant, low latency and distributed network services and it achieves that by mapping high-level business goals into low-level descriptors that span multiple devices in the network such as controllers, VNF-Ms, and routers. With declarative orchestration, customers will be able to define intents based on user applications, sites, regions, vendors, and any other abstract user-defined class. Once these have been defined, different policies can be consolidated into services that are enforced based on business needs. Key features of DISO include:

  • Intent-based management using service abstractions
  • Event-driven automation
  • Straightforward provisioning, management, and automation
  • Coordinated management and control of network services
  • Support integration with almost any connected device, VNF, or orchestrator and blend in with third-party applications used by the device